Saturday, May 23, 2015

Art in the house today: Spring Open Studio tour

A beautiful start to the weekend with sunshine & chickens in the yard, even if it was brutally CHILLY for those of us wearing summer things. Jess Polanshek (Polanshek of the Hills) and I had a nice number of visitors today and are looking forward to even more Sunday. And Rick will be here Sunday to hawk his own art! If you ask nice, he'll brew you some of his super-strong coffee.
Before I go further, a HUGE thank you to Rick for all the help cleaning and especially all the mental support. This guy has to constantly remind me that things will always work out, etc. It's a full time job whenever deadlines loom.
Also, big thanks to the folks over at PopColor in Williston who printed my greeting cards on a tight deadline; my good friend and fellow artist Gwendolyn Evans who gave me a wonderful Reiki session in the midst of my hectic preparations; and of course to Jess for taking part in all of this despite being allergic to my cat. Whoops...

Jess took this great shot of my newest eggs
A piece I haven't worked on in years is back on the easel
and brand new cards are in the rack
From my imaginary waterscape series
My photo doesn't do justice to how good Jess' set up is

Here's her painting nook by the window

And two little paintings she did as part of
our mutual art challenge back in March
Rick's coloring books!
I managed to get a few of Rick's pieces on the display panel too.
Sunday he actually gets to take part in all of this.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do you like books?

I am illustrating two stories!  This is all happening thanks to Jeremiah Christie, a writer who approached me several years ago to do some brainstorming. Here we are now with the results. Jeremiah has come up with a dozen stories and poems and in collaboration with myself and seven other artists, we are trying to make an actual book come of it.  
Please check out this video:

We are getting down to the wire. One generous donor has just pledged enough to earn themselves a guided tour of Shijiazhuang, which brings us to 19% of our funding goal! But we only have until May 2nd (2015) to fund the rest of it.  ALL OR NOTHING. If enough of you out there are interested, this book could become a reality. If you've been saying I should illustrate a children's book, well, this is my chance. Please make a pledge!
Read more about some of the other people behind this project here at Jeremiah's website.  He wrote a really flattering post about me and my art, too!  You can find that right here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Show of Hands! Fundraiser project

Here's a step-by-step of a project I recently completed for "A Show of Hands" fundraiser to help feed Vermont seniors. If the rabbits you see here look at all familiar, perhaps you saw them in this earlier post!

I've been using that same Acryla Gouache paint again recently for a small series on wood panels, so when this wooden hand project came up, it made sense to keep on going with the same medium.  My completed hand has been delivered to Penny Cluse Cafe in Burlington, VT where it will be on display through the month of March.  They're having a silent auction on Thursday April 2nd (2015) from 5:30 to 7:30.  The funds support their amazing program which helps feed Vermont seniors throughout the state. There are wonderful images from previous auctions on the website, I hope you get to attend and see this all in person!

Here is how my piece progressed:

It all started with these faces...

Testing a wash of blue on the surface.  Didn't raise the woodgrain, so I can proceed.
Roughing in the background.
Trying not to lose sight of my lines!
Rabbits taking form.

I like how the warm color of the wood comes through here.

Getting the details figured out.
Maybe it's a little too blue...needs some warmth. 
Just about there...tweaking colors
There is an actual rabbit constellation! I was happy to find that out.

I like making sure each part is looking good.

A few light layers of Golden's Satin MSA varnish later and its done!

Well, I hope everyone reading this considers checking out the auction and making a bid.  The starting bid on mine is $50.  Contact info for the organizers can be found on their site:
Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sketching in Clay

I've been wanting to get back to my Haunted Clothing project for a while, not just on paper but working with 3D elements that are wearable.

During the "Great Studio Purge" of December 2014 (the HUGE remainder pile of which still sits blocking the studio door...) I was on the fence as to whether to keep my polymer clay.
So I compromised.
Last week, my friend Gwendolyn Evans invited me over for a day of working with polymer clay.  I went with the intention of finally making some items that could potentially be added to outfits, and Gwendolyn was happy to take all the super-bright colors of clay that I no longer needed.

Here's what I made.  For the most part I kept to white or natural colors (greys, beige, translucent) but I also mixed a weird red for the mouth and HAD to use some phosphorescent clay for the tentacles.  
Each piece is being stained with an acrylic paint glaze for a more natural look.
That white glob at the bottom is Golden Acrylics' Acrylic Glazing Medium, I cannot live without it!
Polymer clay & Acrylic ©Sweet Enemy Art 2015 
Rocky Horror, anyone?
Polymer clay & Acrylic ©Sweet Enemy Art 2015 
Antlers and Squash stems inspired most of these.
Polymer clay & Acrylic ©Sweet Enemy Art 2015 
Inspired by jawbones from a deer, this might be wearable as a pendant.
Polymer clay & Acrylic ©Sweet Enemy Art 2015  
It was a nice change of pace working directly with my hands, especially once these came out of the oven and were cool enough to handle.  The painting process really makes them come to life.

Much of it ended up being too delicate for actually wearing, but my goal is to use them for drawing references. Inspired by Beth Robinson (of Strange Dolls) I may find a way to recreate them in stronger materials.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cards & Chariots

Happy New Year!  I posted a few cards on Etsy today, including the lovely Inktober postcard set featuring the first ten drawings from the challenge.

Taking advantage of some quiet time, I've been painting a series of women and their chariots.  These are all done in Acryla Gouache on cradled 5"x7" wood panels.
You can see my works-in-progress over on Instagram but here's a sneak peek of the three I'm currently working on.

Mid-way stage on three "Chariot" paintings. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I love snow, but...can't it wait a little longer?

(Weather permitting...) I'll be at the Fresh Tracks Farm and Winery this Wednesday evening (Dec 10th) from 6 - 8pm, enjoying their Vermont wines ($4/glass from 1 - 8pm) and some great company (you!) as part of their featured artist series "A Toast to Creativity."  My little show is on display through the end of the month.

If I manage to get down there (i.e. if the roads are clear) I'll also have cards, prints and some other goods available during the reception.  

The Winery is located just on Route 12, just 5 minutes south of Montpelier, or 30 minutes from Stowe.  Directions / GPS coordinates are here:

Creature Classes are back!

Hard to believe, but it's time to let you know about the two classes I'm offering in 2015.
Every year at Artists' Mediums we get class requests in the cabin fever season, i.e. January, February and March.  This time we've packed every Saturday but Valentine's day with a class.  We hope you find them enticing!

My two classes are another offering of "Unlock Your Inner Creature" in January, followed by "Breathing Life Into Your Creature" in February.  Details for both below.  Pre-registration is required so please contact the shop by calling (800) 255-1290 or (802) 879-1236.

Instructor: Kristin Richland
Class date: Saturday, January 24th 2015, Class time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Skill level/age: Beginner, age 16+ 
(Sign up deadline: Saturday, January 17th)
Class fee: $45 per student,
Materials are provided, but feel free to bring a favorite pen or paintbrush.
This is a class aimed at those of you who wish to create whimsical, inventive creatures WITHOUT the pressure of making something realistic. No prior drawing experience is necessary. We will experiment with materials and ways of seeing. The goal is to loosen up, have fun, and go home with some new creature friends and the skills and knowledge to make more! Materials are provided, but feel free to bring a favorite pen or paintbrush. Come ready to get your hands dirty and you may want to wear “studio” clothes or an apron.  Artists' Mediums, 300 Cornerstone Drive, Williston, VT 05495

A sketchbook creature who appeared during my Holiday shows!

“Breathing Life Into Your Creature” Drawing Class

Instructor: Kristin Richland

Class date: Saturday, February 28th  Class time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Skill level/age: Beginner, age 16+
(Sign up deadline: Saturday, February 21st)
Class fee: $45/person, most materials included but you’re encouraged to bring your own favorite colored pencils, markers, and/or watercolors to use in addition.  If you took the "Unlock" class and/or have creature ideas you'd like to further develop, bring your sketches!
Based on feedback from my first “Unlock” class, this session will focus on how to imbue your creatures with personality and unique characteristics.
Using body language and facial expressions we’ll give our creations the spark they need to leap off the page. In addition, we’ll be trying out a variety of fur, feathers, fins and other visual textures to bring them to life. Come ready to get your hands dirty, “studio” clothes or an apron encouraged.  Artists' Mediums, 300 Cornerstone Drive, Williston, VT 05495

Parking for classes will be around the corner of our building.
Refund Policy :
Please sign up early for classes. This gives us time to order the correct amount of supplies and prevents us from canceling the class if there doesn’t seem to be any interest. Full refunds will not be given for student cancellations. If you need to cancel, 50% will be returned in the form of store credit and 50% will go to the teacher. If Artists’ Mediums needs to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund.